The Chandler Smart Residential Home program provides a very simple and unique approach. This is designed to provide homeowners a way to achieve peace of mind along with financing in order to receive a Class 4 roofing system – which is the highest possible system for any residential property. So when your Class 3 or 2 systems fail or is damaged by weather i.e. wind or hail, this will provide you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your current roof, while having your home insurance policy covering much of the burden. You may call this The Perfect Storm.


Here are just some of the benefits from a Class 4 roofing system:

  • Hail & Wind Resistant
  • Potential Energy Bill Savings
  • Lower Home Insurance Rates
  • Improved Fire Ratings
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Increased Home Values


 What About Cost for the Roof?

Our Smart Residential Home Program enables us to make user-friendly material choices while providing beneficial financial options.  While most home insurance policies cover the replacing and tearing off the existing roofing system. The perfect storm enabled us the opportunity to upgrade our existing class 2 or 3 roof system to the Class 4 System. The Class 4 Roof System will not only provide more protection for your home, but will also increase the appeal and value of the home. However you will be responsible for any difference in the upgrading of the shingles only.

At Chandler Roofing we make this very simple and fast with a turnkey financing programs for our clients. This gives our homeowners the ability to pay out the upgrade to the Class 4 Systems over the next few years. Since these shingles are traditional high-energy star rated materials, often times you can recapture the difference in the dollars spent with the dollar you save on your electricity bills.

Lastly you can find the detailed cost analysis and the benefit you will receive within this section as well. At which you will also discover other options like the siding solutions or intelligent window options and programs. .

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