The Chandler Smart Home program is very simple in approach. It is designed to give homeowners an easy financial path to a Class 4 roof system – the highest rated roof you can put on your home. And when your existing Class 2 or 3 roof has been damaged in a hailstorm, it is the perfect time to upgrade and to have your homeowners policy cover much of the cost. You might call it The Perfect Storm.

First here are the structural benefits of a Class 4 roof system:

  • Hail resistant – far more so than the roof you are replacing
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Potential major energy savings, depending on Class 4 roof material you select
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Highest fire ratings
  • Energy Star ratings
  • A beautiful aesthetic appeal that will make your roof standout
  • Increased home value


But What About The Cost?

The Chandler Smart Home program is all about helping you make wise material choices and wise financial choices. Your homeowner's policy covers the cost of tearing off and replacing your existing roof system. This makes a storm event the perfect opportunity to upgrade to the best Class 4 roof system for your home. You are only responsible for paying for the difference in the upgrade to the shingles only.

We have simple and turn-key financing programs that allow you to pay out your upgraded and superior Class 4 roof over a few years time. And with many energy efficient Class 4 shingles, you'll recapture those dollars every single month in lower energy bills.

You will find a detailed benefit and cost analysis we've worked up for you within this section as well. And you'll find additional pages and information on intelligent window and siding solutions that are part of the complete Chandler Smart Home program.

Contact us today for a review of our systems and your home needs.