Yearly Texas hail and windstorms cause varying amounts of damage. Some damage areas are widespread, dramatic and very costly in scope. Other damage, while not as apparent to the casual observer, is still significant – especially if your home is the one affected.

In every case, it is best to be prepared in all possible ways for the inevitable weather damage that happens every year across the DFW area and Texas. At The Chandler Roofing Company Inc. our mission is to help home and business owners quickly recover from hail and windstorms and to make their properties fully whole again through their insurance policies.

In addition to restoration, our company is just as focused on preparation. It's part of a multi-faceted program we call Chandler Smart Home – a comprehensive and proactive design and construction philosophy that incorporates:

  • Green, earth-friendly construction

  • Energy savings and cost savings

  • Advanced roofing and construction materials

  • Value-add to the home

  • A holistic approach to the insurance claims process

  • Financial modeling that captures the highest quality roof solution in the most cost-effective ways.

The Chandler Smart Home program brings together the most beautiful and lasting roofing solutions in the industry and incorporates them into the most beneficial financial and ecological framework. It simultaneously addresses philosophy, function and finances. 

Contact us today for more information on making smart roof repair and upgrade decisions.