The Chandler Smart Home program incorporates the very best and highest efficiency materials and construction techniques for your home. You won't find a more highly rated and better constructed roof solution anywhere in the DFW area.

We are specialists at installing Class 4 roofing systems, which are the highest rated roofing products you can install on your home. Class 4 is not a single type of shingle material but rather a rating system. It refers to the product's ability to withstand hail and wind. The actual materials could consist of stone-coated steel shingles, synthetic slate, concrete tile or even highly durable traditional composition shingles. The choice comes down to your desires for look, energy efficiency, and cost.

So speaking of cost, what about it? The best things in life are not always financially feasible, but they are with the Chandler Smart Home program. It's what we call Smart Financing. Here are some facts about the program and how we make upgrading to the best Class 4 roof system simple from a financial perspective. In fact, when homeowners see and understand the numbers, most quickly agree that upgrading their roof is simply the only sensible choice.

Example $250,000 Home

Let's use a typical $250,000 home with 45-50 square feet of roof area as an example. Here are the facts and how we address the upgrade with our exclusive financing programs specifically designed for home, window and roof upgrades.


  • In a hail claim, the insurance company pays to completely tear off and replace the home's existing roof system.
  • The extra cost in upgrading comes in the form of upgrading to the highest quality Class 4 roofing materials solution.
  • We can finance at 0% interest an upgrade to the very highest stone coated steel Class 4 roof system.
  • Excellent low interest rates for up to $45,000.00 for up to 12 years
  • Excellent same as cash financing with 0% interest up to 2 years
  • All loans are unsecured.
  • 10 minute paperless in home approval
  • You will most likely completely recoup the cost of the composition shingle upgrade in the form of reduced insurance premiums.
  • Your new Class 4 roof will pay you back each month in the form of reduced energy bills. This is more true for certain Class 4 shingle materials.
  • You will significantly increase the value of your home.
  • Your home will stand out beautifully, even in the most exclusive neighborhood.


When you look at all of the benefits of the Chandler Smart Home system and consider the financial realities, upgrading becomes an easy choice. Contact us here for more information.