Free Plano Roof Inspection

We are The Chandler Roofing Company, and we are hard at work right now helping out North Texas homeowners with a free Plano roof inspection. If you live in Plano or any of the surrounding areas, you no doubt know the major damage inflicted by the recent hailstorms this spring. Property damage estimates now reach in the billions, and home and business owners looking for roof inspections for hail damage are in the thousands.

We are here to help you navigate the process of Plano roof hail damage and the roof inspection inspection report. Much of the hail caused very significant damage, and as a homeowner, you need the inspection on your roof done quickly and accurately. Your homeowner's policy is in place to assist you in these times of need. We can help.

As a prime Plano roofing contractors, we handle roof inspections for insurance claims all of the time. Here is a roof inspection checklist to help you better understand the process.

  • First you will need to file a hail roof damage claim with your insurance company.

  • You will be issued a claim number

  • You next need to call a qualified Plano roofing company and contractor like The Chandler Company

  • We will inspect you roof and prepare a detailed report to maximize the monetary damages you can file for in order to make your property whole.

  • We will meet with the adjuster for roof inspection for hail damage

  • We will follow through in every possible way with the insurance underwriter to ensure your claim is handled fairly and properly

  • We will repair and replace your roof quickly and effectively


Have You Had A Plano Roof Inspection Peformed?

We offer it for free, and we will stand by you in your time of need for repair inspections in Plano, Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Wylie, Murphy, The Colony and all of the North Texas areas damaged by the recent hail event.

Call us at: 817-567-2099 for your a free inspection of your home's roof in Plano.


Roof Inspection and Repair Services

When we perform a roof inspection for hail damage, we have only a few things that we want to help you achieve:

  • To get the very best roof possible

  • To help mitigate, or ease, the process of dealing with roof hail inspection claims

  • To help you deal with any roof inspection disclaimers

  • To help you get your life back in order quickly after a very damaging series of hailstorms like we have witnessed in the Plano, Arlington and North Texas areas in this spring.


Plano Hail Resistant and Impact Resistant Shingles

One of the things we can help you with at The Chandler Roofing Company is in helping you with a hail resistant and impact resistant roof system. We work with many homeowners around the area in preventing future hailstorm damage. Here's how it works:

  • Your insurance company will pay for the tear off and replacement of your existing roof system.

  • We can help you choose a Plano hail resistant roofing shingle system as an upgrade.

  • We have simple financing plans to cover the difference in what your insurance company won't cover as a result of the policy.

  • The upgrade pays for itself in the form of reduced energy and utility payments to the city

Contact us today for all of your Plano roof contracting and free roof inspection needs. We'll make sure you are fairly represented with your insurance company and the you get the best roof replacement solution available.