Dallas Roof Repair and Everything You Need To Know

Welcome back to the Smart Dallas Roof blog. As you know, we're right in the middle of cleanup after the first wave of massive North Texas hailstorms.

We are thinking alot about Dallas roof repair right now, and we know a lot of folks out there are as well. The latest estimates for total hail storm damage are close to $1 billion - and that's just from the first two rounds of storms so far this spring.

If you aren't currently thinking about roof repair in your DFW home, you soon may be. And when you do face what sometimes seems inevitable in North Texas, we are here to help.

This update is designed to give you a bit of an overview of all the aspects of roof repair in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, Wylie and the other areas that have already been hit. We will cover:

  • The basics of getting your roof repaired
  • What sort of quotes you will need to get from a qualified Dallas roof contractor
  • What to expect on your roof fix and repair from the insurance company
  • What sort of costs can you expect
  • And how much of the roof damage will your insurance company provide for you


The Basics of Dallas Roof Repair

As a qualified Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, Wylie, Sachse, Irving, DFW and Metroplex roof contractor, we understand that homeowners are rightfully a little bewildered after a major hail event of the type we've had lately hits their home. But the first thing to keep in mind is that your roof will be repaired, and that there are certain steps that you should take.

First, you will want to call your roof damage insurance company and file a claim. Sometimes, in a less severe hail storm, it is not as easy to tell what sort of damage that you have sustained. This is when you should call us first for a complimentary and free Dallas, Arlington or Plano roof inspection.


Why It's Important To Call An Expert Dallas Roofer

The next thing that you will want to do after hail roof damage to contact a qualified roofing company in the DFW area. You will want to check references, and it's a smart thing to check with the BBB to understand how they are viewed with the customers who have used them before.

When hail causes the sort of damage we have seen recently to the roof structures, it's probably best to go ahead and file with your underwriter.

Next, be sure to call us at Chandler to come in and help you validate the damage and substantiate your need for roof repair services and a roof hail insurance claim. For many homeowners, simply dealing with the unknown can be a great cause of apprehension. We can help ease your concerns in those areas by giving

Some of the ways we can help you immediately after the hailstorm, include:

  • Preparing an accurate and extensive roof repair estimate
  • Helping you understand the depreciation on your roof repair
  • Giving you a solid roof repair quote that will serve as a guideline for dealing with the insurance company
  • Being there to present your case for you to the adjuster. This is particularly critical in Dallas roof repair cases, as we can help you the most when we can effectively establish a relationship up front with the point person at the underwriter for your roof homeowner's claim and policy.


What are the roof repair estimate costs for a damaged structure in Dallas, Collin and Tarrant Counties?

The great thing about dealing with us at Chandler Roofing is that we never charge for a hail roof inspection. We never would even in the best of times, but for the timely repair of your roof after a hail storm, we work doubly hard to ensure our customer's needs are met in a time of need.


Have your roof been damaged by hail this spring? Let us come out and give you a free roof repair inspection. We are working hard all over the Metroplex to help homeowners out this spring, and we would love to be your North Texas roofing contractor as well

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