Arlington Roof Hail Damage Guide

Here at The Chandler Roofing Company, Inc, we work with lots of local homeowners who have experienced Arlington, roof hail damage in the North Texas area and all around DFW. Our entire goal is to help them get a new high quality roof through their roof hail damage insurance company.

As you know, Arlington was hit very recently with a large and destructive hail storm, and the overall damage is expected to be $600 million or higher in area roof hail insurance claims.


Has your roof been hit? The size of the hailstones in the most recent storms created some very extensive roof hail damage repair costs. We are premium Arlington roof contractor, and we are experts in dealing with hail roof claims and getting your roof replaced in a timely and efficient manner.

You pay your homeowner's policy for a reason. When it comes to Arlington roof damage, we will make sure your case and roof claim is presented fairly to your underwriter.

We deal with underwriting companies every day for roof hail damage insurance coverage for homeowners in Arlington. When you have been hit with roof damage by hail, it's best to work with a roofing contractor who can:

  • Expertly assess the damage hail has caused to your roof

  • Build the most favorable hail insurance report

  • Present this case in a roof inspection meeting with the underwriter's adjuster inspecting the roof claim.

  • Follow through in getting you the most money from the insurance company on your Arlington roof hail damage repair

  • Install a new high quality roof.

  • Show hail resistant roofing systems you might consider in avoiding damage in the future.

Hail Damage and Roof Replacement - We are the Arlington TX Roof Contractor You Have Been Looking For

We have worked with thousands of Arlington home owners over the last 15 years to successfully replace their roofs after a hail event. We work across all of north Texas and we pride ourselves on not just getting in, getting out and putting a roof on. We take each roof hail damage repair job on its own merits, and we work tirelessly to ensure the best replacement and most insurance money for your roof claim.

We also replace a lot of roof systems with higher quality Class 4 hail resistant shingles. These impact resistant roofing products come with minimum 50 year warranties. And they are much more energy efficient that traditional roofing systems.

When we provide your free Arlington roof inspection, we'll show you all of the re-roof options. You may elect to to approach hail damage and roof replacement with the same shingles that you are taking off. Your insurance company will pay to do this.

However, we can also show you how to cost effectively upgrade to a much higher quality shingle, such as Arlington stone-coated steel or slate shingles. We have easy finance options that allow this upgrade, and the few extra dollars you spend each month will most likely be recouped in the form of increased energy savings and added value to your home. Ask us about our impact resistant roof systems.

Call us for all your Arlington Roof Hail Damage Needs

For all of your questions and concerns about replacing your Arlington roof due to hail damage and dealing with roof hail claims, give us a call. One of our highly experienced crew would love to take you through a tour of your options in the free roof inspection.